Cowley Church Community

What we believe

Rooted in Christ. Relevant to culture.

We are committed to the truths of biblical Christianity.

We believe the message of Jesus to be good news for all people, and want to see this have long-lasting impact in the communities in which we live, work and play.

We recognise that for the majority of people in our community ‘church’ is an unfamiliar context and culture. We want to demonstrate Christian community in meaningful and accessible ways, bringing biblical hope to bear on the joys and trials of everyday life.

We are prayerfully committed to becoming a community of people who demonstrate an authentic love for Jesus, people, and life.

God tells a story and invites us to be a part of it.

Although we are not formally associated with the Crowded House network of churches, we are set up in a similar way, and their expression of convictions, in the form of a story, resonates with us.

“We are a people longing eagerly for the future, a people formed decisively in the past, and a people living joyfully in the present.”

It’s worth a look if you’re interested in how other churches like ours express their beliefs.

Read more on the Crowded House website.

We also hold to the FIEC statement of faith.