Cowley Church Community

Our values

We are prayerfully committed to becoming a community of people who demonstrate genuine and authentic love. We love Jesus, love people, and love life.

We are shaped by the Bible.

We believe the Bible to be God’s true and living word by which He speaks, with authority, by His Spirit.

The Bible’s central story of redemption through Jesus will shape all aspects of our discipleship, mission, and community life, helping us delight in God more deeply, and declare Him more faithfully.

We are committed to spending time together, in different contexts, to explore the truths of the Bible. We want it to shape our thinking, affections, and action.

Mission through community.

As we build relationships with people and share the gospel message of Jesus, we want to introduce them to Christian community. We want people to experience church as a network of relationships rather than a meeting you attend or a place you enter.

What that looks like for us:

– We will take care to avoid becoming a self-indulgent community, looking only to our own interests. We are on mission for the sake of those around us. This is an expression of our love for Jesus, and for people.

– We recognise that there is much good already happening in Cowley through other churches, other community groups and other individuals. We seek to complement and enhance what is already in motion, not to detract or distract from it.

– Our activities are shaped round gifts, passions and interests of our members. This is an expression of our love for Jesus, and for life.

Sharing life in committed community.

Community is given to us in the gospel, the good news of Jesus – we’re reconciled by God, through the cross, to become part of the new people of God, his family. As such, we’re committed to sharing life as communities of grace – where every member is committed to caring for, discipling, and serving one another in gospel-centred relationships that demonstrate the truth of the gospel to the world around us.

What that looks like for us:

– We want the gospel to be the focal point of our unity, and for people to feel welcome to join us regardless of background.

– We are committed to bringing the gospel to bear on one another’s lives.

Home at the heart of church life.

We are committed to the home as a primary context for church life, shaping the ethos of church.

What that looks like for us:

– Rather than relying on a place to invite people to come, we want to live out Christian community in the places that people already spend time and interact.

– Church is more than a building or a meeting you attend.

A blessing to the world around us.

We want to be part of our local community and contribute to what is going on in Cowley. Whilst recognising the need for gospel renewal, we want to celebrate the life and diversity of cultures here.

What that looks like for us:

– We want to encourage each other to glorify God in all of life.

– We’ll get stuck into community projects.

– We’ll stand up for the marginalised and be salt and light in Cowley and beyond.